Es gibt 1354 Bücher zum Thema 1960-. Diese Bücher stehen in Beziehung mit den folgenden Schlagwörtern:

1918-1960 1945- 1945-1960 1945-1989 1960-1980 1960-1988 1960-1991 1960-1993 1960-1997 1964- 1965- 1970- 1974- 1975- 1979- 1980- 1982- 1985-1995 1988- 1989- 1991- 1993- 1994- 1997- 20th century Africa Africa, Central Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, West Agriculture Armed Forces Asia Autonomy and independence movements Baby boom generation Benin Bibliography Biography Burkina Faso Business enterprises Cameroon Canada Cape Verde Capitalism Case studies Central African Republic Chad Christianity Christianity and politics Church and state Church history Civil society Civil war Civil-military relations Civilization Colonial influence Commerce Conflict management Congo (Brazzaville) Congo (Democratic Republic) Congresses Constitutional history Cults Cyprus Côte d'Ivoire Debts, External Decentralization in government Democracy Democratization Dependency on foreign countries Description and travel Developing countries Directories Djibouti East Asia Econometric models Economic aspects Economic assistance Economic conditions Economic development Economic forecasting Economic history Economic indicators Economic integration Economic policy Education Election Elections Emigration and immigration Equatorial Guinea Ethiopia Ethnic relations Federal government Finance Finance, Public Financial crises Foreign economic relations Foreign relations France Gabon Gambia Globalization Government policy History Human rights Industrial policy Industries International economic relations Investments, Foreign Korea Korea (North) Korea (South) Mali Management Mauritania Military government National security Nationalism Niger Nigeria Pan-Africanism Peace Periodicals Political activity Political aspects Political corruption Political stability Political violence Politicians Politics and government Population Poverty Presidents Prevention Public administration Quebec (Province) QuÐebec (Province) Québec (Province) Relations Religion Religion and politics Religious aspects Senegal Social aspects Social conditions Social conflict Social policy Somalia Sources South Africa Statistics Structural adjustment (Economic policy) Sustainable development Togo Turkey Twenty-first century United States Violence Women World politics