Akkadian language

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Acadio (Idioma) Achaemenian inscriptions Akkadian Akkadian philology Amurru (Ancient kingdom) Antiquities Arabic Arabic language Aramaic Aramaic language Archaeology Archives Armenia Arraphka Arrapkha Art, Assyro-Babylonian Ashur (Extinct city) Assur (Extinct city) Assyria Assyriology Assyro-Babylonian Assyro-Babylonian letters Assyro-Babylonian literature Assyro-Babylonian prayers Assyro-Babylonian religion Astrology, Assyro-Babylonian Astronomy, Assyro-Babylonian Baal (Deity) Babylon (Extinct city) Babylonia Bibliography Bibliography. BoŠgazk<F6>y (Turkey) BoŠgazk÷y BoŠgazk÷y (Turkey) Calendar, Assyro-Babylonian California Catalogs Childbirth Chronology, Assyro-Babylonian Civilization Civilization, Assyro-Babylonian Commerce Comparative studies Congresses Contracts Cookery Correspondence Cosmogony, Babylonian Cosmology, Babylonian Creation Cult Cults Cuneiform inscriptions Cuneiform inscriptions, Akkadian Cuneiform inscriptions, Elamite Cuneiform tables Cuneiform tablets Cuneiform writing Deluge Demonology Demonology, Assyro-Babylonian Diadochi, 323-276 B.C Diagnosis Dialects Dictionaries Diplomatic gifts Early works to 1800 Economic aspects Economic conditions Egypt Egyptian language Eighteenth dynasty, ca. 1570-1320 B.C Elamite language Emar (Extinct city) English English literature Epithets Eponyms Erech (Babylonia) Erech (Extinct city) Etymology Excavations (Archaeology) Folklore Folklore, Assyro-Babylonian Foreign elements Foreign relations Foreign words and phrases Fuentes Gemination Glossaries, vocabularies, etc Grammar Grammar, Comparative Hana (Ancient kingdom) History History and criticism Hittite language Hittites Hymns, Akkadian Incantations, Assyro-Babylonian Indexes Inscriptions, Hieroglyphic Iraq Jewish law Kings and rulers Kings and rulers, Ancient Law Law, Hittite Lexicography Loyalty oaths Magic, Assyro-Babylonian Mari (Extinct city) Medicine, Assyro-Babylonian Middle East Morphology Mythology, Assyro-Babylonian Names Names, Akkadian Names, Assyro-Babylonian Names, Geographical Names, Personal New York (State) Nominals Nuzi (Extinct city) Nuzi (Mesopotamia) Old Persian inscriptions Old Persian language Omens Palestine Periodicals Personal property Phonology Politics and government Prayer-books and devotions Readers Relation to the Old Testament Religion Religious life and customs Semitic languages, Northwest Semitic, Northwest Sentences Sources Style Sumerian Sumerian language Syria Terqa (Extinct city) Texts To 332 B.C To 333 B.C To 622 To 634 To 70 A. D To 70 A.D Translations into English Turkey Ugarit (Extinct city) Verb Women priests