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1868-1912 18th century 1945- 1960- 1980- 20th century Addresses, essays, lectures African Americans Agriculture America Antiquities Apollo (Greek deity) Apologetics Art, Indic Asceticism Assyro-Babylonian religion Bavaria Biography Blacks Brazil California Campus violence Canada Case studies Children China Christian sects Christianity Christianity and other religions Church history Collective behavior College students Congresses Conspiracies Controversial literature Cuba Cult Dacia Death Demeter (Greek deity) Dependency (Psychology) Deprogramming Dictionaries Directories Egypt Emperor worship Encyclopedias Erotic art Europe Europe, Western Excavations (Archaeology) Exhibitions Fiction Folklore France Freedom of religion Funeral rites and ceremonies Germany Germany (West) Gods Government policy Great Britain Greece Gurus Handbooks, manuals, etc Hausa (African people) Heroes Hinduism Historiography History History and criticism Immortality India Inscriptions, Chinese Inscriptions, Greek Inscriptions, Latin Isis (Egyptian deity) Italy Japan Jews Jonestown Mass Suicide, Jonestown, Guyana, 1978 Judaism Juvenile literature Kongo Kingdom Law and legislation Lupercalia Madagascar Magna Graecia (Italy) Mass suicide Meditation Mediterranean Region Mexico Middle East Montana Moral conditions Mysteries, Religious Mythology, Germanic Mythology, Greek New Age movement Nigeria Occultism Papua New Guinea Parapsychology Pastoral psychology Periodicals Philosophy, Ancient Prevention Psychological aspects Psychology Psychology, Religious Psychotherapy Radicalism Rancho Santa Fe Relations Religion Religion and sociology Religion and state Religions Religious aspects Religious life Religious life and customs Religious minorities Research Rites and ceremonies Rome Rome (Italy) Santeria Satanism Secret societies Sects Shamanism Social aspects Social conditions Social control Social life and customs Social movements Societies, etc Sources Spain Spirit possession Sun worship Switzerland Syncretism (Religion) Temples Terrorism Texas Trance Turkey United States Venezuela Venus (Roman deity) Vietnam Violence Waco Waco Branch Davidian Disaster, Tex., 1993 Witchcraft Women and religion Yoruba (African people) Youth