National security

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1945- 1945-1953 1945-1989 1953-1961 1960- 1975-1985 1980- 1981-1989 1989- 1990- 1991- 1993- 2001- 20th century 21st century Administrative agencies Africa Appropriations and expenditures Arab-Israeli conflict Armed Forces Arms control Asia Asia, Central Asia, Southeastern Australia Balkan Peninsula Ballistic missile defenses Baltic States Bibliography Bioterrorism Border patrols Bosnia and Hercegovina Canada Case studies China Civil defense Civil rights Civil-military relations Cold War Computer security Conflict management Congresses Cyberterrorism Decision making Defense industries Defenses Democratization Developing countries Disarmament Drug traffic East Asia Economic aspects Economic conditions Economic integration Economic policy Emergency management Emigration and immigration Emigration and immigration law Energy policy Europe Europe, Central Europe, Eastern European Union countries European cooperation Evaluation Executive departments Export controls Finance Forecasting Foreign economic relations Foreign relations Former Soviet republics France Geopolitics Germany Germany (West) Globalization Government policy Great Britain Harbors History Human rights Identification Illegal aliens India Information services Infrastructure (Economics) Intelligence service Intergovernmental cooperation Internal security International cooperation International relations Investments, Foreign Iraq Israel Japan Korea Korea (North) Korea (South) Latin America Law and legislation Law enforcement Marine terminals Middle East Military assistance, American Military intelligence Military planning Military policy Military relations Nationalism Nuclear arms control Nuclear nonproliferation Nuclear warfare Nuclear weapons Official secrets Operational readiness Pacific Area Pakistan Peace Periodicals Persian Gulf Region Petroleum industry and trade Planning Political aspects Politics and government Post-communism Prevention Privacy, Right of Public opinion Relations Reorganization Research Russia (Federation) Sea-power Security measures Security, International September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001 Social conditions Sources South Asia Southeast Asia Soviet Union States Strategic Defense Initiative Strategic aspects Strategy Taiwan Technological innovations Technology transfer Terrorism Terrorists Transportation Ukraine United States Visas War on Terrorism, 2001- Weapons of mass destruction World politics Yugoslav War, 1991-1995